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What do you mean by “dead zone”?

By Dr. Arlene Alvarado, Education Coordinator Question:  Many students expressed concern about the ‘dead zone’ on Silver Bow Creek near the waste water treatment plant.  They asked, “What do you mean by ‘dead zone’?” As I wrote in my last column [Montana Steward, 2014, Vol. 4 (1)], for over 100 years Silver Bow Creek was …


Bringing Research Into the Classroom (BRIC)

  Bringing Research into the Classroom (BRIC) builds upon eight years of collaborative efforts between the Montana Tech Phage Discovery Program and Cfwep.Org.  The project directors have designed this new program to include intensive teacher professional development, classroom bacteriophage discovery, and summer science and pedagogy academy.  As part of a recently funded National Institutes of …


Thanks to All Cfwep.Org Supporters for our Fly Fishing Camp 2014

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