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CFWEP has recently been challenged by the Natural Resource Damage Program Council to diversify our support to ensure future sustainability. We appreciate and value donations at every level. We’ve recently launched a Leadership Giving Society called the Stonefly Circle for Leadership Givers at $1000+. In April, we will be launching RIPPLE, a fundraising and friend-raising event to grow our donor base to over 500 donors. All contributions from individuals, corporations and private foundations are currently being matched by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation.

You can increase your impact by pledging a monthly gift.  At this time, you can set this option up with Shannon Sampson of the Montana Tech Foundation by calling her at (406) 496-4276. If you are interested in making a gift of stock, a gift from your IRA, a gift of property, creating an annuity or remembering CFWEP in your estate planning, please contact Tammy Gordon at tgordon@mtech.edu or 406-496-4136. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Leadership Giving Society – Stonefly Circle

The Stonefly Circle

CFWEP’s Stonefly Circle celebrates individual donors making a gift or cumulative gifts of $1,000 or greater in a calendar year. The funds help support the organization’s bold new initiatives and award-winning education and outreach programs. Stonefly Circle members are united in a commitment to our mission to expand environmental literacy and stewardship through field-based science and research experiences.

The Stonefly Circle is named after the stonefly, a charismatic macroinvertebrate that can only survive in clean, uncontaminated waters. The Clark Fork Watershed has seen a return in stonefly populations as our waterways recover from a century of damage. CFWEP’s students learn that stoneflies are excellent biological indicators of stream health, and they celebrate each stonefly they find.

Stonefly Circle members receive recognition on our website, newsletter, social media channels, and donor recognition wall at Montana Tech. They also receive a signature Stonefly Circle lapel pin and an invitation to an exclusive leadership celebration event.

Today we honor the first members of our Stonefly Circle Leadership Giving Society:

Rayelynn Brandl

Colleen Elliot & Dr. Chris Gammons

Elizabeth & David Erickson

Joe Griffin & Sherry Vogel

Sidni & Bill Markovich

Leah & John McCarthy Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Melissa Wanamaker & Gordon Wanamaker

Thank you for your generosity!

Please contact Melissa Wanamaker at mwanamaker@mtech.edu or 406-496-4790 if you have questions on how to make the greatest impact with your personal contribution.

Executive Leadership Team

Executive Leadership Team

CFWEP’s volunteer Executive Leadership Team is a group of community members helping CFWEP achieve its development goals.

Current Members:

  • Dr. Steve Gammon – Montana Tech
  • Brad Archibald – Pioneer Technical Services
  • Maggie Davis-Welch – Butte Broadcasting
  • Rick Edwards – Northwestern Energy
  • Elizabeth Erickson – Water & Environmental Technologies (WET)
  • Jeremy Fleege – Montana Resources
  • Erick Greene – Montana Osprey Project
  • JR Hansen – US Navy Veteran and Southwest Airlines
  • Lindy Hanson – Atlantic Richfield Company
  • Sidni Markovich – Markovich Inc.
  • Matt Vincent – Rampart Solutions
  • Joe Willauer – Submittable

Their two-year term of service began September 1, 2022.

Thank you for your support! Your generous donation helps fund our mission to expand environmental literacy and stewardship through field-based science and research experiences. Together we we can share non-advocational science and environmental education to inspire the changemakers, scientific thinkers, and problem-solvers of tomorrow. If you need technical assistance with the website, please call Shannon Sampson at (406) 496-4276. If you have questions about CFWEP, please call Tammy Gordon at (406) 496-4136.