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Watershed Science Education & Practice

Learn & teach about watershed science & the history of the Clark Fork Watershed.

University of Montana Spring 2021 Course | BIOB 491-01 | 2 Credits

In This Course, You Will:

  • Learn how to effectively communicate science to a broader audience
  • Teach important, innovative, place-based science curriculum
  • Make a substantial impact on Missoula County Public School 5th graders

Schedule Outline:

  • Class Time (Jan – Feb): Fridays 12-1:50 PM
  • Internship Hours (March-April): Fridays 8am-3pm + Availability throughout the week to teach in elementary school classrooms; Scheduling flexibility is a MUST!!
  • Due to COVID-19, internship/teachingportion is subject to change!

For More Information & To Apply

Contact Dalit Guscio: dalit.guscio@mso.umt.edu

If you want to apply, please email the following:

  • Cover Letter
  • Recent Resume
  • Spring semester availability

“Nothing in science has any value to society if is not communicated.”

-Anne Roe, The Making of a Scientist

Course Requirements

BIOB 491-01. [CRN: 34366] Spring: Watershed Science Education & Practice.
Spring Semester 2021, 2 credits, Fri 12-1:50pm

This course is unlike most courses offered. It has 2 distinct portions to it. The first is a 5-7 weeks of in class learning on UM campus. The second portion is a hands-on 5-6 weeks involvement in active teaching – you will be part of the CFWEP crew running the week-long education program in Missoula County Public Schools and lower Clark Fork watershed.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in aquatic ecology, conservation, science education, communication and outreach, and civic engagement. The format of this course is different from most other classes offered at UM. Please make sure you understand the requirements before you sign up.

  • You need to commit to 1 day on two different weekends. (ie. Total of 2 full days). The first day will occur near the start of the course and is used to complete all program training before we start teaching. The second day will be later in the semester. We take a field trip to Butte to learn about the history of copper mining in Montana visiting important sites and talking with experts.
  • You must have a driver’s license. Personal car highly preferable, but arrangements can be made for UM vehicles.
  • You must be able to help lead 5-6 Friday field trips from 8am-3pm.
  • You must be able to teach in public school classes a minimum of 4 hours weekly (for 5 or 6 weeks). These teaching experiences will occur in the window of Mon-Thu, 8:30am-3:30pm, when schools are in. Specific times are set by public schools teachers. They have plenty of restrictions on their day schedule that we need to accommodate for. We work with our crew’s schedule the best we can. Ability to be flexible is a must.
  • You are an ambassador of the University of Montana. You will be interacting with students and teachers in schools, as well as with your team mates in this program. You must be flexible and be able to work in groups.
  • You must be reliable and responsive to all ways of communication – good email/text/phone habits. Things occasionally may change quickly depending upon weather and changes in the public school schedules, you must be able to respond in a reasonable time when such things occur.

Questions? Contact Dalit Guscio at dalit.guscio@mso.umt.edu

Download the Course Requirements Flyer