Follow and adopt a fish on Silver Bow Creek!

Use our interactive Storymap to track a fish (some are even still alive!) and see how it moves within Silver Bow Creek. 

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The Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (CFWEP) serves communities across Montana and throughout the Clark Fork Watershed. We focus on place-based environmental education through student programs, teacher professional development, and public engagement and outreach.

Adopt A Trout

June 10, 2024

Silver Bow Creek Fish Monitoring & Telemetry Study Adopt-A-Trout Follow a fish on Silver Bow Creek! Use the interactive Storymap to track a fish (some… More

Clark Fork Watershed Education Program announces name change and center designation

June 10, 2024

BUTTE, MT. – The Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (CFWEP) will be renamed Ripple: The Center for Education and Ecosystem Studies, after receiving official designation… More

2023 Annual Report

April 30, 2024

The CFWEP 2024 Annual Report is available for you to view! More

CFWEP Unveils Signal Box Art in Butte

December 19, 2023

Butte, MT — December 15, 2023 — The Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (CFWEP) is proud to announce the continuation of a vibrant public art… More

“Understanding our place in the world through the lens of watershed science has fundamentally changed who I am as a teacher and as a human being. CFWEP has everything to do with this metamorphosis. The impact of this organization on me and my pedagogy cannot be described as anything other than transformational.”

-Chris Pavlovich, Livingston Public Schools

“I have worked with CFWEP for 6 years now and am always astounded at the large amount of focused information that is taught by the very knowledgeable CFWEP staff. My teaching partner and I have developed a unit that incorporates CFWEP into a larger topic dealing with the use of finite resources and their impact on all living things. The language, understanding and data skills that the students get during the 2 week CFWEP unit are used as building blocks for the rest of our unit. The CFWEP staff are incredibly accommodating and work diligently to ‘fit-in’ and support the students and staff before, during and after the CFWEP experience. They have worked hard to create other resources that can be implemented by the classroom teacher between class visits, which strengthens and reinforces the learning that takes place during the classroom presentation. I LOVE this program and support it 110%.”

-Kimberly Johnson, Missoula County Public Schools

“This is an awesome program. The kids love it, and the scale of the program really makes them feel special as contributors to a larger cause. This is work most classes could never afford to bring into the classroom; plus the expertise and openness of Dr. Pedulla and all involved really made it stand out as an experience past students always bring up as a real draw for growing interest in science fields.”

-Seth O’Connell, Montana City Schools

“It is such a joy to work alongside Dalit Guscio, Dr. Erick Greene and the other MOP team members in bringing information about ospreys and the work of the Montana Osprey Project to a much wider audience via the Hellgate Live Cam. Viewers across the country and even the world are very interested in the Project. We have been able to share the history of Clark Fork River, the Superfund Project and the research of the MOP. I live in South Carolina and was able to visit Missoula and see firsthand the Montana Osprey Project in action. This was indeed life-changing. It also gave me a greater context, understanding, and appreciation of the Project.”

-Sharon Leigh Miles, Moderator with Cornell Lab or Ornithology Bird Cams for the Hellgate Osprey Cam

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