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Lesson plans and activities are listed below. Click on a lesson plan or activity below to view and download all files associated with that lesson. Most lessons are already correlated to Montana and/or national education standards, with an emphasis on science and social studies. For further information on Montana education standards, refer to the Montana Office of Public Instruction website.

Note: We are in the process of updating this portal with lessons and activities. If you are missing the link to a previous lesson please contact Rachel Neal at rneal@mtech.edu.

Watershed Science Lessons

Bull Trout Curriculum ›

Developed by fisheries consultant Mike Bader, with support from regional experts, this curriculum covers:

  • Bull trout identification, current status, and distribution
  • Key components to healthy bull trout habitat
  • Indicator species
  • Population measurements
  • Threats affecting bull trout’s ability to survive and recover

 Bull Trout Curriculum Zip File

Who’s My Mommy Lesson ›

Students will be able to:

  • Describe that young aquatic insects are very different in how they look and how they behave compared to the adult form.
  • Discuss the life cycle stages of aquatic insects (from egg to adult).
  • Describe the differences between complete and incomplete metamorphosis.
  • Compare the length of time aquatic insects spend as young versus as adults to the length of life cycle stages displayed by humans.

 Who’s My Mommy Zip File

History Lessons

Cultural Survey Scientist ›

Developed by CFWEP, this lesson covers:

  • The role of cultural survey scientists
  • The importance of cultural surveys
  • Role-playing the part of a survey scientist
  • Practicing survey methods
  • Making inferences about survey sites
  • Collecting data related to survey sites
  • Reporting the findings of cultural surveys

Cultural Survey Lesson Plan

Cultural Survey Scientist Video: Terry Tanner on Archaeology

Cultural Survey Scientist Video: Terry Tanner on Butte Mining

Cultural Survey Scientist Video: Terry Tanner on Indian Science

Cultural Survey Scientist Video: Terry Tanner on Cultural Respect