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Public Engagement & Outreach

Community Earth Month

Each spring our Community Earth Month celebrates stewardship and community. Through a variety of events and partnerships, we encourage community members to help protect our environment. We also bring students from Butte school out to help clean their community!

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Stormwater Education

Stormwater is water from rain or snow that runs over land, streets, parking lots, and rooftops. Our stormwater education program helps students create PSAs about the preventing stormwater pollution and making sure there’s “Only Rain in the Drain.”

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Stormwater Art

We work with Butte-Silver Bow to increase stormwater awareness in our community by placing public art on traffic signal boxes throughout Butte. Signal boxes are wrapped with original works of art with ecological, aquatic, or riparian connectedness theme. 

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Birds-Eye View Education Program

In partnership with the University of Montana in Missoula, our Birds-Eye View Education Program (BEVEP) gives the public an opportunity to learn about bird banding and the role birds play in our ecosystem. At events throughout the summer, community members can watch scientists band songbirds and ask questions about the birds in our backyards.

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