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Stormwater Education

Stormwater Education Programming

Currently, CFWEP provides stormwater education programming to the Butte School District. Our stormwater education curriculum includes:

  • Background about general stormwater issues
  • Stormwater issues in the Butte Superfund Site
  • Stormwater site mapping
  • Yearly storm drain marking (since 2012)

We receive funding from Butte-Silver Bow to provide outreach and educational programming about stormwater issues. For more information about stormwater in Butte, Montana please visit bsbstormwater.org.

If you are interested in Stormwater Education Programming for your classroom in Butte please contact us! We can also do a drain marking event with your students.

Bring Stormwater Education Programming to your Classroom

Butte Community Clean Up Blacktail Stream (CUBS) Day

CFWEP hosts an annual stream cleanup day in late May of every year. This event builds upon the legacy of Mr. Lou Parrett, who began this day with his students in the 1970s. We are excited to spread the message of stewardship further and to continue Mr. Lou Parrett’s legacy. CUBS day provides the following:

  • Yearly cleanup of Silver Bow and Blacktail Creeks in Butte
  • Engagement of over 300 students from Butte in cleanup efforts
  • Stormwater education programming to over 300 students
  • Large temporary art installation at Father Sheehan Park from elementary students

Get involved with CUBS Day

Butte Central Students Stormwater PSA: