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Letters of support needed!

In past communications, we’ve mentioned that CFWEP is at a critical point and securing future funding is necessary to ensure our organization continues to exist.

CFWEP has been largely funded by the Natural Resource Damage Program for more than a decade, but that funding is set to end in 2024. Right now, we have the opportunity to extend that funding another four years, giving us the chance to continue our work with students, teachers, and communities while also diversifying our funding portfolio.

Here’s where you come in: We need as many letters of support from our community as possible. Your words are invaluable in telling the story of why CFWEP matters. We invite you to:

  1. Write a letter telling the NRD Council why CFWEP is important and how losing CFWEP would impact you, your family, and your community. Feel free to use this template as a place to start.
  2. Sign your letter, either digitally or physically.
  3. Send a copy of your letter to Rayelynn Brandl, our Executive Director, at rbrandl@mtech.edu by April 28. She will gather them and bring them to the Council when they meet to consider our proposal.

Thank you for your continued support of CFWEP. With you by our side, we hope to continue providing rich educational experiences to students across our watershed, Montana, and beyond.

Download Letter Template

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