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Help CFWEP raise $5,000 by December and be entered in to win a Paddle Board!

Each year, we typically host a fundraiser in the first week of November. However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, CFWEP has decided to take our fundraising efforts in a new direction. Fundraising efforts go to things that our grant funds do not cover, such as teacher stipends, food for teachers during our workshops, supplies for our Clean-Up Days, and busing costs for tours and trips outside of our grants. Additionally, we are currently adapting many of our programming strategies for engaging, digital formats. Your donations help us to secure important technology needs for our teachers.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 before December. We are already $1,000 towards this goal!

When we go into a school, it is often the first-time students in that school have ever interacted with field scientists. They get to see first-hand on our field trips what real data collection looks like. Scientific literacy is an ongoing struggle in the United States. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it is that a lack of understanding of scientific data continues to be a pervasive issue in our country.

Research shows that students who engage in science programming early, often, and always do better with scientific literacy over time. Montana teachers work tirelessly to educate their students. CFWEP provides critical support to Montana teachers through paid teacher professional development workshops and providing field experiences for their students.

One of the teachers we reached said this about our programming:

“This is an awesome program. The kids love it, and the scale of the program really makes them feel special as contributors to a larger cause. This is work most classes could never afford to bring into the classroom; plus the expertise and openness of Dr. Pedulla and all involved really made it stand out as an experience past students always bring up as a real draw for growing interest in science fields.”

-Seth O’Connell, Montana City Schools

When you support CFWEP, you help bring Montana students’ scientific experiences they otherwise would not get. You help support and PAY teachers for professional development experiences that are unique and important for advancing scientific literacy in our state.

We may not be able to tackle the whole country, but CFWEP reaches over 30 Montana communities each year with both in-school programming and teacher professional development. Your contribution to CFWEP ensures a legacy of scientific literacy for the future. It provides important programming for students who are the future of our state.

All CFWEP donors between September and December of 2020 will be entered into a drawing for an inflatable paddleboard. Our goal is

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