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Welcome to the Clark Fork Education Portal, an online resource for educators and students focusing on the science and history of western Montana.

Use the menu above or the links below to explore the Clark Fork Education Portal. You can also download and print the Quick Education Portal User Guide in pdf or doc format.


Lessons & Activities contains lesson plans and supporting resources for K-12 teachers, organized by topic and grade level. Lessons cover a broad array of science topics, as well as western Montana history and social studies. All lessons are mapped to Montana Standards & Benchmarks, and include supporting documents and resources, as well as suggestions for additional expansions. Elementary and middle school level teachers interested in learning more about science topics and strategies for teaching science in the classsroom may want to take a look at the Montana Science Partnership website, which includes a series of online modules on specific science topics.


Western Montana students on a field trip to the historic Anselmo Mine in Butte.
Western Montana students on a field trip to the historic Anselmo Mine in Butte.

Equipment & Resources lists the CFWEP library of field science equipment, laboratory equipment, supporting supplies, books, DVDs, and more for educational use. Students and educators can use this page to check-out equipment and other resource materials. Loans of equipment and resources are FREE to teachers and students.


Education Links is a comprehensive listing of environmental, science, and local history online educational resources.


Educators and students with a general interest in Clark Fork Basin science, environmental and social history, geography, and restoration may also want to visit the Clark Fork Info section of this site. To learn more about the benefits of outdoor and place-based education in general and in the Clark Fork, download the “Restoration and Education” PowerPoint Presentation below.


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