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A GLX Multimeter, an example of field science equipment available for students and teachers from CFWEP.

CFWEP maintains a library of field science equipment, laboratory equipment, supporting supplies, books, DVDs, and more for educational use.

To request an item, send an email to cfweprequest@gmail.com. In the body of the email, note the items you are requesting. Once we have received your request, we will send you a confirmation email, along with an expected date for your item to arrive, and a due date for your item to be returned to CFWEP. Please include the name or title of the item you are requesting, an address and phone number when emailing. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to request resources not included in this listing, please send an email to cfweprequest@gmail.com.


Item Description
Xplorer GLX MultimetersXplorer GLX Multimeter The award-winning Xplorer GLX is a portable graphing datalogger, perfect for real-time data collection and analysis in the classroom or in the field. Provides convenient and powerful data collection, display and analysis — even without a computer. Includes 2 temperature sensors, voltage sensor, built-in speaker and sound sensor, plus connect up to 4 additional sensors. Also functions as a computer interface for labs with computers. For additional details, visit the Xplorer GLX website. Also note the GLX sensors available below.
Xplorer GLX Water Quality Sensors Xplorer GLX Water Quality Sensors Conduct a wide range of water studies with this single sensor: temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. All measurements can be made simultaneously. Also supports ISE and ORP Electrodes (optional). For additional details, visit the Xplorer GLX Water Quality Sensor website.
Xplorer GLX GPS UnitsXplorer GLX GPS Units Collects GPS data simultaneously with other sensor measurements, automatically synching the data to your latitude, longitude, altitude, and velocity. For additional details, visit the Xplorer GLX GPS Unit website.
World Water Monitoring Day KitsWorld Water Monitoring Day Test Kits The WWMD test kit includes everything you need to test for basic temperature, pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen, including. Kits are very easy to use, and suitable for most grade levels. For additional details, visit the WWMD Test Kit website.
Kick Nets Basic kick nets are ideal for macroinvertebrate (stream bug) sampling in streams with cobbled or muddy streambeds.
Hoop Nets Hoop nets are ideal for macroinvertebrate (stream bug) sampling in streams or lakes , and work very well in muddier (more turbid) waters.
Hess SamplersHess Samplers The Hess Sampler was designed for effective sampling of aquatic macroinvertebrates (stream bugs) in streams with gravel and small cobble bottoms. It is designed to prevent escape of organisms and contamination from drift. It consists of a stainless steel cylinder with two upstream and two downstream mesh windows and two strong handles for pushing the cylinder into the stream bottom. Water flows through the upstream opening of the sampler and out through the downstream windows and into the collection net and bucket.
Waders We have hip waders available in a wide variety of sizes; essential for students and teachers sampling water quality or insects in deeper or fast-moving waters.
pH Strips Simple pH test strips allow for easy, somewhat accurate measurements of the acidity or alkalinity of any water sample in the field or in the classroom.
Upper Clark Fork Topographic Map This three-dimensional relief map covers the Upper Clark Fork from Butte to Missoula, making it easy for students and teachers to see the topography and geography of this unique river basin.
Salish-Kootenai Aboriginal Territories Maps From Salish-Kootenai College, this map shows the aboriginal territories of the confederated Salish-Kootenai tribes in the northwestern United States, including traditional place-names and some supplementary information.
Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Samples CFWEP maintains a variety of preserved macroinvertebrate (stream bug) samples collected from the major rivers and tributaries of the Clark Fork Basin. Stream bug samples are an excellent way to improve identification skills, to discuss anatomy and life cycles, and to launch into a wide variety of biology and ecology topics. Most major aquatic macroinvertebrate species found in western Montana are represented.
GPS Units
Measuring Tapes
Hach Colorimeters
Vernier Dataloggers
Vernier Water Quality Sensors
Measuring Tapes

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