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Clean Up Blacktail Stream & Silver Bow Creek Days

Last spring Butte schoolchildren pulled 300 bags of trash out of local creeks on CUBS Day. CUBS Day: gets kids outside; connects them with their landscape; beautifies Butte; cultivates safety and stewardship; is a much-needed spring cleaning for our creeks and waterways; and is a key place-based experience for our stormwater education program.

This year, with the restrictions due to COVID-19, things look a bit different. We are hoping families will help us continue the benefits of CUBS by taking an hour anytime and doing some clean up in their community.

May 7 – May 21


Take a picture of the trash you collected and post it on the CUBS 2020 Facebook Event Page so we can keep track of how much our community is doing to clean up our watersheds!

Where to Clean

Clean where you feel is needed! Pick up trash along roads that you frequent, making sure to stay safe with road traffic. You can also clean along trails that follow Blacktail and Silverbow Creeks. BSB Parks and Recreation will be placing dumpsters at these locations for you to dump your trash:

  • Father Sheehan Park
  • Butte Chamber of Commerce
  • Whiskey Gulch Walking Trail Parking Lot
  • Whiskey Gulch Trail Crossing at S. Rocker Road

Safety Protocols

  • Always wear proper clothing and protective gear, such as gloves and closed toe shoes.
  • Don’t pick up dangerous items, such as needles or hazardous materials. If you find something dangerous or suspicious while cleaning, report it to the Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Department at (406) 497-1120.
  • Practice proper water safety when wading in creeks and streams.
  • Be careful around roads and aware of potential traffic hazards.
  • Leave homeless camps untouched.

Clean Up Supplies

Make sure to bring along these essentials for a safe clean up!

  • Trash bags
  • Gloves
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Rake (optional)
  • Waders (optional, for collecting trash from waterways)

Social Distancing

To protect the health of our community, please ensure that you are following the most up to date recommendations regarding social distancing and COVID-19. 

Data Collection

If you have students at home, or are just interested in keeping track of what trash you collect, use this CUBS Data Sheet to record your findings. Post it to the CUBS Facebook event page or email it to rneal@mtech.edu so we can see what you found!