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DayOne 2023


Montana Technological University’s Foundation is gearing up for its annual funding drive, titled DayOne

Why DayOne?  The name is inspired by the first day of classes when Montana Tech, then the Montana School of Mines, opened their doors on September 11, 1900. Shining atop the ‘hill’ in Butte, MT, the newly formed college was a beacon of hope and prosperity for the people of Butte and the people of Montana. Today, the school still inspires the next generation of problem-solvers and innovators, reminding all of us that human ingenuity can overcome even the most daunting of challenges. Students who graduate from Montana Technological University are often the most recruited new employees in their field due to their degree preparation. The school has grown from a focused, mining engineering college into a STEM special-focus institution. With this special focus, comes the innovation and perseverance to solve some of our nation’s most challenging problems. 

Here is where the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program enters the scene. We have provided an important connection between Montana Tech and communities throughout the state of Montana.  Through our work within the nation’s largest Superfund site, we connect students, teachers, research scientists, engineers, and community members, all of whom work to understand the challenges within their local environments and work to create solutions. Students who are empowered to learn about their local place often step up to the challenge of a STEM degree, eventually coming home to provide important expertise and innovative solution-making for their communities. Our programs have enabled teachers to engage with active science researchers while building their content knowledge. Our teachers carry back to their classrooms the necessary information and motivation to engage their students in authentic research projects. Our programs provide multiple avenues for students to engage in STEM learning, often through summer research experiences at the campus. 

The Clark Fork Watershed Education Program needs your help.

We are positioning ourselves to diversify our funding sources in the next three years. We are looking for donors of all sizes to help us achieve our goals to increase conservation education, authentic research in schools, and meet the innovation challenges of the future. To date, our program has served over 79, 000 students in 48 Montana communities. We have provided professional development for 929 teachers in Montana. Our program has received 16 local and national awards for our work. We’ve been able to accomplish these outcomes with a modest budget and a staff team of six people. Imagine what we could accomplish with diverse funding and a larger staff team. 

This is where you can help ensure that Montana’s students are getting cutting-edge science education within their schools. 

Your donations to DayOne will help us:

  • Expand programming to other watersheds in Montana, specifically the Yellowstone Watershed.
  • Ensure that balanced, non-partisan conservation education is a highlighted curriculum in Montana schools. CFWEP works with industries, agency partners, and scientists to ensure that our curriculum is non-biased. 
  • Provide high-quality science professional development for teachers throughout the state.
  • Provide authentic research experiences for high school students in partnership with Montana Tech’s Biology and Engineering faculty members.

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Thank you for your help!